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Welcome To West Red Lake Mining Museum

A Little Museum celebrating the 1930's gold rush and the characters who lived it.

We are a loose group of volunteers who believe in preserving the colourful oral history of this time period.  If you can help with pictures, stories, actual history or do some physical work at the museum, please join us.


Explore Online or by Boat

Oral History is imperfect, but seldom boring.
We do not guarantee that all tales are completely true but these stories must have a reason for being.

Frank Paishk's Cabin
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Museum Exhibits

The exhibits at the museum are changed when new material is found.  Each exhibit focuses on one family or character who lived here or a topic about life during the gold rush.

As of June 25, 2021, the museum exhibit is about Phillip's Channel, the commercial hub or shopping center in the 1930's. 

For more details, visit the Museum.

Self Conducted Tour of the West End

Print the map and booklet and set out in your boat for an adventure back in time.

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Join Us

We are a group of volunteers who are trying to keep our local history alive.  
More stories and ideas are very welcome.  Also corrections are great too.  Anyone willing to do research, add stories or pictures please join us.  
We are of course always happy to hear that someone will volunteer to mow grass, fix docks or get involved in new exhibits.

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Red Lake Ontario

1(807) 727-0321

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